Think Happy Thoughts


Our thinking defines who we are, what we are, who we will be and what we can be. Most of the time we do not really give that much importance in thinking. Sometimes we think that we are thinking, however, it may not be the case. Our mind may be occupied with a lot of stuff, but that doesn’t mean that we are really thinking. Our thinking shapes our mind, our heart, ourselves.


Happy may be one of the most positive adjective or word.  This same word may be something everyone desires to have; to be in a state of happiness, and be in high spirits enjoying the wonders of life. Everyone deserves to be happy, and it is my wish that all of us may experience happiness in our lives all the more each day.


Thought may be defined as an idea or opinion produced by thinking, occurring suddenly in the mind or the action or process of thinking. Henry David Thoreau once said “As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” Our thoughts have the power to DOMINATE our lives, and we are the ones giving power to it as we repeatedly feed it.

Think + Happy + Thoughts

If how we think shapes our lives, our thoughts can dominate our lives, don’t we want happiness be their main foundation? If we are to think and what and how we think we become; if we let the thoughts that linger in our mind dominate and affect us and those around us; then happiness should be the core of our thinking and our thoughts. We should re-learn how to THINK-HAPPY-THOUGHTS.

Why did I say re-learn? I believe every child has the capacity to think happy thoughts naturally. Maybe because children are carefree, but as we age, we tend to forget how to think happy thoughts. With all the problems that challenge us daily, we feel that our mind and heart are always full of all the fuss around us like the upcoming exams, bills to pay, relationship challenges, family problems, our finances, the market prices are getting higher, your stupid office mate, your bully boss, your career that seems to go nowhere, your much anticipated call from a prospect new employer, what you are going to eat, how to earn extra income, how to tell your mom or dad about this or that, your business demands, your upcoming travels are not yet finalized, office deadlines; and the list goes on and on and on. Sometimes, with all these clutter, we forget or eventually tend to consciously stress ourselves more and choose that happy thoughts have no space in your mind. Deep inside, we want happiness to pass by our window from time to time. We are all meant to be happy people. Happiness may be subjective. Some would argue that someone else’s happiness may cause someone’s sadness. I get that. Simply, what I mean is genuine happiness that brings inner peace and joy that has the capacity to reciprocate and continuously be expressed and shared.

I just remembered how lovely was Lady Gaga’s song “Million Reasons”. She said in her song “… every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith…” – I strongly agree. May it be a heartbreak caused by romantic love, in business, in the family or in your career. When things don’t go the way we planned it to be, sometimes it causes us to feel anxiety, depressed and blank. Just blank. It’s even hard to think. It’s just so hard. But, it is in these dark times full of trials that we need to hold on tight to our faith and all the more think happy thoughts. For example, when you and your girlfriend or wife and husband is having a misunderstanding that eventually led to quarrels, try to think of your first dates, your wedding day. Both of you, think of the happy moments you shared… just try. Whenever something that seems so wrong happens, muster all your courage to think of any happy thought. It will help a lot.

Eventually our Faith will bring us hope, and it starts with a single step.

Thinking happy thoughts is the first step in everything wonderful. Happy thoughts may be a shining armour that may shield us from what can harm us mentally and spiritually, that my manifest physically. Likewise, happy thoughts may be a sharp sword ready to cut and pierce everything that threatens us and may ruin our adventures.

Life is an adventure. There are ups and downs certainly, but let us make a choice to think happy thoughts and experience the magic it brings.

Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life. – Proverbs 4:23



3 thoughts on “Think Happy Thoughts

  1. This is a great post. It’s so important to realize the importance of your mind and what it could create. Positive thinking is the key. I love your blog. I would love if you’d check my blog out, thanks!

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