What is your wish?

Lets back track to the days when we were young and wishes a lot. To help you navigate inside you, let me ask..

What if you were given a chance to make one wish, just one wish.. and it will be granted?

Hahahaha just the thought of it makes my mind go round and excited. What if?

a Wish is something we want, we desire, we long for.. But I think that there is more to a Wish than just “wanting”. I think it is an expression of faith to someone or something we believe can make our desires come true.

It is like an expression of opening thyself to something out of this world to work on our life in this world with the hope of someway, somehow, who-knows, it may come true! So, we can say that a wish will not come into being without a touch of hope. That’s why we sometimes interchange wish and hope.

We can say I “wish” it will not rain today or I “hope” it will not rain today. Sounds the same right?

Wishing is like manifesting our incapability in making something happen or work that we have in mind, based on our current circumstance. Sometimes we wish out of frustration, sometimes of delight and happiness, and sometimes… “just because”.

The magic that I want to share is this. Let me express it with a question..

When does a wish becomes a prayer?

If wish and hope can be interchange. How about wish and a prayer? If yes, does this mean that we can interchange hope and prayer even if they are different from one another? I don’t mean to play with words or so. I’m just thinking.

At this moment, we are still celebrating the Chinese New Year 2017, which we can say highlights the beautiful and colorful culture of China. It is the only country with it’s own new year’s celebration, celebrated world wide. Isn’t it great?


Likewise, following the Gregorian Calendar – we are still in the 1st month of year 2017.

New years brings hope.

A chance to start again.

A chance to reset.

A chance to stand up.

A chance to make something new.

A chance to continue.

A chance to stop what needs to be stopped.

A chance to recover.

A chance to live.

I’m not sure if all of us make wishes every new year. For some they stopped wishing. But I encourage all of us to continue wishing, hoping, and praying.

And as we open our eyes on the first day of the year, we should realize that our actions should accompany our wishes, hopes and prayers – for it to be a reality.

We can make it abundantly this 2017.

What if you were given a chance to make one wish, just one wish.. and it will be magically and instantly granted? Just for fun – can you share it?




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