The Push and Pull We Need to Succeed


Everyone needs a little push. This will keep us going. We have so many things we want to accomplish  may it be finishing a degree or getting a certification, starting up a business or crafting your new art, or simply providing a life you and your love ones deserve. In order for this to be accomplished, we need a little push.

A push from the inside: Desire

The most important of all is one’s personal desire to accomplish his or her goals. Everything starts with dreaming. Our desires are encapsulated in our dreams which make it very important to dream. What we desire should inspire us. Some have already surrendered their right to dream. Those people say that dreaming is only for kids. Eventually, they will too soon realize that dreams are just meant to be dreams; reality is what it is and is the only truth for them and their current circumstances dictates what their lives will be.

Well, at some point they are right. Only that they are not meant for BIG things. They have a choice and they made that choice to succumb in the dark or just stay stagnant where they are. We also have a choice, I strongly suggest for you to choose to be a winner, continue to dream BIG as the best is within reach.

We all need to have a strong desire to succeed and we need to fuel these desires to keep the fire burning. I’m writing this right now because I desire to reach my dreams. I know i can make my dreams a reality and I will be successful in the fields I will choose as well as with my personal life with my family, friends and loved ones. I also desire this for all of you. With us building an army of successful dreamers, we will eventually grow in numbers and be a blessing to this world.


However, desire is not enough. We need a special ingredient to keep everything intact and solid. There will definitely be times where things are not going the way we planned or the way we expect it to be. The ride to success is not easy, rather, made up of bumpy rides from time to time. Sometimes everything is so dark, out of place and everything seems to fall apart.

That is why we need to be COMMITTED.

It is in these times that our commitment to our successful selves is put into test. We should be able to pull ourselves together when we feel so broken, tired and ready to give up. Commitment puts things into the right perspective. It gives us the power to look for deeper meaning in every event of our lives and look back to what happened and analyze it with a grateful heart, it is more than just a thought. Commitment when partnered with consistency will definitely change the course of the game. Commitment keeps everything together, intact and rock-solid.

There is no shortcut to success.

Successful people were ones just like most of us, started small. We need to understand that they succeeded because they WANTED to succeed. They made DECISIONS that would help them ACHIEVE their goals in life.

Every time they make decisions, they are presented with choices and they have chosen what is most relevant and what would take them a step closer to success.  Just like us, we also have a choice. We can learn from those who came to this earth before us. We can learn from the choices they’ve made, how they are living or had lived their lives. We can learn from their mistakes and their triumphs; and in looking into their lives, we can say that their success is not an accident.

Nothing is just a mere accident.

We can see through their lives that they pursued their dreams, worked hard to earn what they have right now and they have strong confidence in themselves, as well as to others. Like them, we can be successful too – not just dreaming of being successful, but working hard to be successful. We may all have different definitions of success, but however we define it; we should achieve it in the right way meaning that our actions toward our goals should manifest good values and principles.

There is no exact “right thing to do”. That is why it’s very important for us to be discerning. You will only know that the choice you made is right, after the effects of your choices manifest – long term, although this is still debatable. That’s why we need to have a guide that will serve like a compass or a map that we can revert to when in doubt which makes our values and principles essential in achieving our goals. We should build our success on solid rock, and not be tempted to go the easy way with little knowledge that we are building our dreams on sands.

Now, imagine yourself successful.

Embrace the feeling of being on top of the world.

Imagine you can buy anything you want, provide everything your loved ones need.

Imagine going around the world and exploring its vast beauty and wonders.

Imagine spending it with the most important person(s) in your life.

Imagine how the different taste of dishes prepared by the best among the best cooks in the world.

Imagine yourself reaching your dreams.

That is you.

That is the Successful You.

That is the Winner you are ought to be.

That is the New You.

This time, look at yourself now. What do you see? In what circumstances are you in? This is the Old You. I’m not talking about your age. This is who you are right now. What matters most is who you want to be.

What matters most is you desiring to be the Winner you are ought to be.

Compare the Old you to the New You, so much to work on right? Thus, we should start working our way now towards our New Us.

This is reality.

It’s either you be contented with who you are and what you have right now; or, continue/start pursuing your dreams, move forward no matter what and be a step closer to being the New You.

This is where DESIRE and COMMITMENT meets.

You need to continuously desire; but, you need to stay committed. You owe it to yourself. In truth, your dreams do not just mean “your” dreams, as these dreams are not just about yourself but also about your loved ones.

For us to make an impact, we need to fuel our DESIRE to succeed and be COMMITTED to it.

Let us all be the Winners we are ought to be.


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