Keep Your Focus

Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Expectations are not met.

This happened to me when I was still working in a corporate set-up. During the hiring process, a lot of promises were made, everyone welcomes you and your superiors are always on their best foot.

With the fire of our great dreams, desires and vision, we sometimes tend to over simplify things and our emotions, thoughts and energy drives us to see beyond what is in front of us. That is not bad. Although, we have to also tap on our “realist” side to set our eyes on what really is in front of you, and not just see the picture we painted for ourselves which serves as our targets that will keep us motivated towards it.

When we put our heart, time and great effort to accomplish these goals, it is but natural to hope and wish that things will go as planned. However sometimes, we do not get what we expected. There were times I felt and knew that I was being treated rudely and I know that I am being used for the sole purpose of pushing for the selfish agendas of my superiors at my expense, but there was so little I can do at that moment to stop it. It is in these times wherein we need to be more courageous and keep our focus to our goal. It really feels tiring; a great sense of irritability and helplessness will cover you from time to time. This is what happens if you are not getting what do you deserve, but still “needs” what is being offered (in this sample, I needed the Job).

If you planted in a vineyard and it produced sour grapes but you are expecting good grapes, do not be disheartened.

Maybe you need to re-calibrate.

Maybe you need to further explore other strategies for you to reach your goal.

Do not stop when something is not right, rather make things right and continue doing what is right.

Keep your focus. Keep the fire burning.

You will reap what you sow.

Make sure it’s a good seed.

The fruit of our labour is always good.

One day you will hit that goal.

Stay true and kind.

Give birth to your visions.

If we survive these stages in our lives, we will realize soon that there is more to life. Our life is just a part of a bigger puzzle and a bigger goal. Not the way see it only as “our” life.

That is the bigger challenge. To see your role and responding to the call to share your colors in painting the big picture.

You will need the fire burning until the day life itself declares to transform itself into its highest form.


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